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Ash Trees

EAB-agrilus planipennis, commonly known as the Emerald Ash Borer. It is a green jewel beetle that feeds on Ash species. They are bright, metallic green with a flattened back & are highly destructive  to Ash Trees.

Signs your tree may be infested-leaves drop in spring, tree may appear half dead, canopy dieback, progresses until tree is bare, bark splitting, increased woodpecker activity/damage, large holes woodpeckers create to extract insects.

If you are having any concerns with your Ash Tree/trees we would be happy to evaluate the concern. Mildy case the tree can be treated, harsh cases may require tree removal.



Winter Pruning

It is common to prune during dormancy, burst of new growth in the spring are the beneficial results. Some trees such as Maples, Walnuts and Birches may "bleed" when sap begins to flow. This is not harmful and will cease when tree leafs out.

We encouage customers to have their trees viewed before winter snow & wind take their toll. We check for any weakness and suggest pruning if needed. Be prepared this season for that unpredicted ice storm!




Capital City Tree Care provides tree debris clean up, pruning of damaged trees and emergency storm services.  Please allow the weather conditions to settle before requesting services unless it is an emergency.

Stay warm and safe this weekend!





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